About Us

Our Company

  • TC-PAC was established in January 1999.
  • TC-PAC secondary processes was moved to new plant in January 2019.
  • Our core business activity is manufacture and supply of printed corrugated carton boxes and secondary offset priniting products to various industries.
  • TC-PAC has grown fast and steadily in the past decade as a result of continual investments into personnel skill upgrading and production facilities as well as strong supports and trust given by our valued customers.

In TC-PAC , we believe that knowledge, skill upgrade and regular trainings to existing as well comers from solid foundation for top quality of work and competitive edges. Our regular internal trainings are proven effective to sharpen skills of our workers and allow us to stay ahead of other competitors in this ever challenging business environment .

In order to maintain a satisfactory level of customer satisfaction and to fulfill customers’ expectations, we set quality control to monitor our product quality.

All defects found are treated seriously and immediate actions are taken to solve problems.

As a responsible manufacturer, we are always doing best to ensure a timely delivery of our carton products to our end-users. In order to avoid unnecessarily machine downtime and costly production delays, we service our machines on weekly basis to ensure a smooth production and stable supply our carton products. We also schedule major machine maintenance every 6 months for the same purpose.

Efficency & Customers' Importance Are Our Priority

TC- PAC treats job efficiency as an serious matter. We have always been trying our best to gain our competitive edges by continuous upgrading of our facilities, workers’ knowledge as well as ensuring an efficient and smooth internal operation .

Customers’ importance is our priority.
In TC-PAC , we monitor closely every delivery of goods to ensure a smooth operation at customers’ premises. We receive strong supports from our customers in return and this has been a major factor contributing to our success and rapid growth.

We are more than happy to assist you further.